Bethany Auriel-Hagan

Recently dubbed “the voice of milk and honey,” Bethany’s work as a spiritual recording artist is a unique blend of guided meditation, vivid imagery, and powerful silence. Her rich and textured vocals guide the listener on an experiential journey.

“My work is a constant evolution of my relationship to divine energy; each recording is a creative expression of Spirit through my words and my voice. There is a sacred essence in the work.”

Bethany’s collection of recordings is diverse, offering relaxation, success, love, pain relief, easing anxiety or grief, short affirmations and longer recordings designed to encourage restorative sleep. Whatever your mood, your desire, or your intention, Bethany’s recordings are a perfect source of support.


Most popular from Bethany Auriel-Hagan

01. Safe in the Light of Love - Graceful Me Log in to Listen
02. Breathing into Sleep - Grateful Thoughts Log in to Listen
03. Safe in the Light of Love - The Power of Choice Log in to Listen
04. Safe in the Light of Love - Universal Calling Log in to Listen
05. Safe in the Light of Love - Rising Sun Log in to Listen
06. Breathing into Sleep - The Force of Life Log in to Listen
07. Breathing into Sleep - Free to Be Joyous Log in to Listen
08. Breathing into Sleep - Faithful Heart Log in to Listen
09. Breathing into Sleep - Perfect Self Log in to Listen
10. Breathing into Sleep - Nurturing the World Log in to Listen