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Why am I not receiving my registration verification email?

If you registered via email, you need to verify your registration. After registering, you should have received an email from us asking you to take one final step, confirming your registration. If you did not open this email and follow the confirmation instructions, your registration is not complete. Please locate this email in your inbox and complete your confirmation to begin receiving our emails.

Here are the most common reasons why you may not be receiving your emails from us:

1) SPAM FILTERS: Sometimes SPAM filters can prevent emails from reaching your inbox when the sender is new to you. We encourage you to check your junk and spam folders to see if your emails have been flagged as “junk” or “spam.”

2) GMAIL USERS: If you use Gmail, you may have noticed that Gmail launched a new inbox with tabs that may affect the grouping of your emails. To ensure that you continue to receive messages from us, please follow these three simple steps:


STEP 1: Click to open the “Promotions” tab in your Gmail account.

STEP 2: Select any message from “Chopra Ananda” and drag it over to the “Primary” tab.

STEP 3: You will see a message pop up, asking you if you want your emails from us automatically delivered to your Primary tab from now on. Click YES.

With these steps, your messages from us will arrive safely in your primary inbox. If after reviewing the solutions above you are still unable to access your meditations, please contact us again.