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How do I invite my friends?

You must log in to a web browser to invite a friend to Chopra Ananda. The mobile app does not support the capability to invite your friends at this time.

  1. From a web browser, log in to your Chopra Ananda account by visiting
  2. Click on the Account Settings link on the left hand side of the screen to be directed to your My Account profile
  3. From your My Account profile, click on the Subscriptions link on the left hand side of the screen to be directed to the Manage Your Subscriptions screen
  4. Scroll down to the Your Invite Link section, where you will see several options to invite your friends: Copy and paste your invite link to send to a friend, or share via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus by clicking the icons below your invite link

Please note: If you subscribed via iTunes, we are not able extend your billing cycle when a friend subscribes, because this feature is not supported by iTunes. However, you can cancel your subscription in iTunes and subscribe via our website at using a Credit Card or PayPal if you would like to enjoy the free benefits of inviting friends.